Cloud Data Centre Services

Delta House, Wavell Road, Manchester, M22 5QZ
t: +44 (0) 333 888 4083
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e: [email protected]
e: [email protected]


We’re a team of IT infrastructure specialists with decades of experience in the industry, and we’ve been proud to provide customers with best-in-class data centre services for over a decade.

Established in 2007, TeleData has been providing customers with high-quality colocation, workplace recovery and other data centre services for over a decade. We’re constantly evolving, too – with our acquisition of 1st Easy in 2016, we now offer cloud server hosting and IaaS solutions for the ultimate in agility, flexibility and value.

We deliver our services from our ISO27001-compliant Manchester data centre, Delta House – one of the most secure, resilient and well-connected data centres in the UK and Europe. We’ve invested over £1 million in our Security and Operations Control Centre alone, offer 2(N+N) redundancy, and our carrier list is second to none.


Matt Edgely

Group Commercial Director