Stream Technologies


Floor 3, Suite 5, Skypark 1
8 Elliot Place, Glasgow, UK. G3 8EP
Tel: 44 (0)844 800 8520
Email: [email protected]


Since start up in 2000, Stream has remained at the forefront of the development of innovative technology focused on cellular, satellite and low-power wide-area network connectivity.

The team’s depth of technical expertise, coupled with extensive experience in the IoT industry, makes Stream the world’s most technically advanced enabler of IoT connectivity.


IoT-X is Stream’s award-winning connectivity management platform. IoT-X monitors, manages and monetises device endpoints and provides customers with subscriber management, billing, data routing and reporting capabilities from one centralised location.

Agnostic with regards to network technology, IoT-X bridges the communication gap between cellular, satellite and low-power wide-area networks.

IoT-X has been developed by Stream to provide customers with an unrivalled level of connectivity management and to put them in control of all aspects of IoT connectivity, regardless of network technology type. [readmore]