StayPrivate sparked into life in early 2013 when Rob and I were working on an innovative retail investment product for a FTSE100 financial services company. This product met a clear need and the company wanted to accelerate sales, but there was one problem: the product needed explaining carefully to investors. This was achievable, but the issue was how to prove so to regulators, maybe years later. Signatures at the bottom of legal documents would count for little.

What we needed was a secure, transparent electronic record of the private conversation leading to the sale. But the technology did not exist.

It soon became apparent that the need to be able to communicate securely, privately and conveniently with customers was not limited to specialist financial services, but applied to any business providing a service to their clients. And so we set about building StayPrivate.

Several years and several million pounds of investment later, StayPrivate is a thriving business helping companies across a range of sectors, including legal, education, medical, social care and, of course, financial services.

Andrew Brogden