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StarHub is the only provider in Singapore that gives you superior manageability and real-time control of your data centre and network through our software-defined, secure and modular data centre infrastructure. Now you can deploy, provision and optimise your data centre capacity anywhere in the world, just-in-time, based on your applications’ needs.

Scale up as your requirements multiply:

  • Start with fewer, more spacious racks
  • Get 38% more power per rack, and scale vertically instead of horizontally as your power needs increase
  • Enjoy 17% energy cost savings with improved cooling factors

The data centre environment has undergone TVRA (Thread Vulnerability Risk Assessment), with multi-layered physical and logical security in place 24×7. Every module of the data centre is separately sealed, protected and cooled; and its compartmentalised architecture minimised damage from power failure, storms, fires and floods.

StarHub’s Data Centre Operating System (DCIM) enables you to manage, monitor and control your data centre. The OS provides real-time visibility of data points like alarms, temperature, humidity, air handling and much more, with a consolidated ‘single plane of glass’ view that delivers advanced analytics.

Beyond the data centre, we provide Internet and regional connectivity services to our customers. Our data centre links with other data centres through diverse fibre paths to provide redundancy. And we continue to add more capacity, with a new data centre launching in 2016 in the western region of Singapore.

StarHub is also able to deliver a rich array of additional offerings, including:

  • Clean Pipe to provide pre-emptive DDoS protection, safeguarding your data centre connections
  • Content Delivery Network to accelerate your websites and content, providing a smooth user experience
  • Business Continuity Planning to let you have your backup office, including seats and desks, in the same building.

Get all the services you need from a single source. From sizing, to building & commissioning and remote support, contact us today to discuss your requirements. We are on hand to help.

Visit www.starhub.com/data-centre for your Data Centre needs and www.starhub.com/enterprise for other Enterprise services.