AIOps Data Centre

1 Baltimore Place NW
Suite G100
GA 30308
+31(0) 356 729 068


The StackState AIOps platform is a unique offering as we combine:

– Topology – view all components and all their dependencies, on prem and cloud;
– Telemetry – see all metrics, events and logs per component, regardless of its source;
– Tracing – insights into end-to-end customer journey at code level;
– Time travelling – travel back to any moment in time.

We make this possible through our unique version graph database (the so called 4T model).

Again, all combined in one model, one view. Future ready as new technologies will be launched and will be included into StackState’s AIOps platform.

On top of this platform we offer state of the art AI capabilities for:
– Root Cause Analysis;
– Impact Analysis;
– Predictive Analytics;
– Anomaly detection;
– Remediation and Automation

This helps our customer to drastically reduce Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). All together this makes StackState the only vendor today which makes AIOps a reality.