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Application Monitoring

Smart Monitoring Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szczecińska 34
25-345 Kielce
email: [email protected]
kom.: +48 506 648 701


Smart Monitoring is a young and dynamic company whose goal is to provide the highest quality monitoring services in the business to business model. Our clients are companies operating on the market of protection of persons and property, which have decided to specialize in other segments, entrusting us with services provided at the monitoring center. Our clients also include entities that in their structure have decided to maintain monitoring centers dedicated only to their own needs.

The Smart Monitoring team consists of high-class specialists in the industry who have been operating on the Polish and European market for over ten years. We attach great importance to the selection of personnel, which is the basis for the quality of services provided.

Thanks to many years of experience, we create services whose technical and operational standards are the highest on the market. Specialization allows us to continuously develop the technologies and services we provide.