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Senetas Corporation Limited (Senetas) is a global leader in the development of end-to-end encryption technologies. Our solutions protect data in motion for a wide range of commercial, government, industrial and defence applications.

Our CN Series hardware encryptors, CV Series virtual encryptors and SureDrop (our secure file sharing application) all share a common high-performance encryption platform. Thanks to their leading security and performance characteristics, our solutions are used to protect sensitive data and documents in more than 35 countries.

Our encryption solutions leverage state-of-the-art Encryption Key Management and are crypto-agile by design; providing long-term data protection in a post-Quantum computing world. They offer maximum data protection without compromising network or application performance.


CN Series Hardware Encryptors
Certified high-assurance encryption for core IT and network infrastructure

Certified by leading independent authorities (CC, FIPS, NATO), the CN Series of hardware encryptors are used to secure sensitive data in motion across networks operating at anything from modest 10Mbps to ultra-fast 100Gbps bandwidths.


CV Series Virtual Encryptors
Virtualised encryption for large-scale and virtualised Wide Area Networks

Scalable to thousands of end-points, the CV series of virtual encryptors is a software application of the trusted Senetas encryption platform. It delivers cost-effective, transport Layer agnostic data protection at up to 5Gbps (with DPDK).


SureDrop Encrypted File-Sharing
The secure file-sharing application with 100% control over data sovereignty

SureDrop delivers all the convenience of a box-style file sharing application plus the implementation of best-in-class security. It is available both as an on-premises solution, or a Security-as-a-Service proposition from your Cloud service provider.