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RightData is a data product platform that has everything you need to take raw data from any source and turn it into business-ready data. We have no-code tools to quickly and easily connect to data, cleanse it, prepare it, ensure it is accurate and trusted, and then easily findable and actionable in an ‘Amazon-like’ DataMarket.

It all starts with the DataFactory: a data engineering product that provides everything you need to turn raw data into a business-ready data product. With hundreds of connectors to any data source — on-premises, cloud-based, applications, and files — DataFactory makes it easy to ingest data, transform and wrangle data, and to build robust pipelines to any output you need. And, it is all done with a drag-and-drop interface — no code required.

The DataTrust product is built to ensure that your data products are clean and ready for use. It has data observability, data validation, and data reconciliation tools designed to work quickly and at a massive scale. Machine learning makes finding issues faster and more accurate and automatically generates business rules for future data profiling.

The DataMarket solves the problem of getting data the last mile to the end user by providing an easy but powerful place to find, access, and take action on data products. Using a familiar ‘Amazon-style’ interface, users can search using natural language and then see details about data products like descriptions, quality ratings, reviews, metadata, and sample data. They can request access from the data product owner providing a fast and easy way to govern data usage. And, once they have received access, they can take action via built-in APIs, JDBC connectors or even perform basic analytics functions using the included ‘private ChatGPT-style’ AI to render charts and graphs from plain-language requests.