PRODYNA is a Pan-European IT consultancy creating innovative custom software applications to solve the business challenges of enterprise customers. We design, implement and operate digital solutions for mid- to large size enterprises all over Europe.

Driven by the major cloud providers, our industry currently undergoes a tremendous shift in how we build and run software. Speed, agility, and scalability are at the core of this new “Cloud Native” approach. With the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the industry now converges towards an open and standardized set of technologies with software containers and Kubernetes at its center. As PRODYNA, we are committed to offer our customers innovative and future prove solutions which require us to continuously adapt to such developments. This has lead us to join the CNCF and to become one of the first European Certified Kubernetes Service Provider (CKSP) and Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP). Cloud Native technologies are the foundation on which your digital business can thrive. Let us help you with your cloud native transformation.