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Pangeanic is an NLP company focused on providing tangible value to its clients. Our two-star products are unstructured data masking and AI-enabled language services, and both are supported by a myriad of NLP techniques and by expert multilingual teams.

Our pedigree in data masking is unmatched, working at government level and for the legal, financial industries, and healthcare. As privacy concerns with the use of personal data grow in all jurisdictions, our novel solutions help companies remain compliant, whether it is GDPR, APPI, LGPD, CCPA, HIPPA, ISO27001, etc.

After more than 15 years of developing NLP adaptive language tools such as SaaS machine translation or on-premises machine translation, we know about process automation in go-to-market translation services. But we have also listened to our clients’ needs to go beyond our traditional offering.

We not only translate pages, translate content in more than 80 languages, with a human touch if necessary. Now you can also anonymise data in 28 languages. Pangeanic’s Masker can be used for real-time dynamic data masking to anonymise or pseudonymise, obfucate, or block access to sensitive content and data based on user profiles and privileges.

A wide range of prebuilt, data masking functions can be invoked to protect the structured data and unstructured data such as Word files, PowerPoint files, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, etc.

Masker supports real-time and batch data. It has been a long journey for a language company – and we don’t forget our roots: our ECO platform runs our proprietary Deep Adaptive Machine Translation to adapt our large machine translation engines to incoming domain material in minutes with complete privacy – with the added advantage of human-in-the-loop when necessary.

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