Data Centre Security/access control

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OPTEX®, leading sensing technologies manufacturer for over 35 years, provides high performance detection and video analytics systems for security, safety and business applications.

OPTEX’s intrusion detection systems protect every layer of data centres, from the perimeter and building, to the access to critical assets inside including server racks and the data cable itself. Its intelligent outdoor and indoor sensors are designed to provide customised detection areas and integrate seamlessly with the global security system.

To guarantee single access to restricted areas, OPTEX also provides piggybacking and tailgating detection systems that will notify the access control system when a person is entering a controlled area without authorisation, either by following an authorised person,  or by entering the area when someone is exiting.

Additionally, in order to protect the network cable at its physical layer, OPTEX provides SecurLAN, a solution developed by one of its group companies, Fiber SenSys, that detects any tampering with the cable and risk to have it “tapped”.