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OpenLedger ApS is a Danish company dedicated to bringing the power of blockchain technology to the wider business world. The company has over 50 expert software development and architecture specialists, marketers, business analysts, legal and support personnel in our headquarters in Pandrup, Denmark, and our technical centre in Minsk, Belarus. Since our inception in 2014 we have worked with a global client base to leverage existing blockchain solutions like cryptocurrencies, and to create custom business tools and applications based on revolutionary distributed ledger technology.

OpenLedger ApS delivers custom blockchain solutions to business partners, including gaming, financial and communications applications. Our team of experienced blockchain developers helps commercial and governmental organizations to access the benefits of distributed ledger technology in their operations.

The core business is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), openledger.io. Based on the BitShares Decentralized Asset Trading platform (bitshares.org), OpenLedger DEX allows users to trade thousands of BitShares assets including price-stable cryptocurrencies like bitUSD, bitEUR and bitCNY. The exchange also supports more than 50 of the most popular currencies based on other blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, NEO, Steem, Litecoin, Dash and EOS, as well as fiat currencies.

OpenLedger ApS offers the full range of services a startup needs to plan and execute an ICO: consultancy, marketing, PR, technical advice and support, an escrow service and exchange listing. So far, we have participated in over 10 ITO campaigns, raising over $90m for our clients in the process.

OpenLedger ApS offers partners a powerful digital marketing tool, HubDSP, a Demand Side Platform designed to deliver targeted advertising to crypto audiences. HubDSP enables real-time bidding, audience buying and centralized campaign management, tracking and reporting, as well as more sophisticated features like budget pacing and frequency capping.

We create interactive augmented and virtual reality tools for entertainment and productivity, including games, mobile apps and maps. We deliver commercial VR applications such as VR video content for marketing and education, and turn-key VR projects.