Multiverse Computing

AI software

Paseo de Miramon 170, Planta 3, Donostia,

Telephone: +34 943 371-956

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Multiverse is a well-funded and fast-growing deep-tech company founded in 2019. We are one of the few companies working with Quantum Computing and the biggest Quantum Software company in the EU. We provide hyper-efficient software to companies wanting to gain an edge with quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

Our product, Singularity, is a software platform that contains quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms developed and patented through proof-of-concept trials we have been performing for industrial and service clients.

We work in finance, energy, manufacturing, cybersecurity and many more industries. Digital methods usually fail at efficiently tackling these problems. Quantum computing, however, provides us with a powerful toolbox to tackle these complex problems, such as outstanding optimisation methods, software for quantum machine learning, and quantum-enhanced Monte Carlo algorithms. Multiverse Computing applies these cutting-edge methods to provide software which is customised to your needs, giving companies a chance to derive value from the second quantum revolution.