MPL Technology Group

Data Centre

Unit 2
Telford Business Park
Telford Road
OX26 4LD
United Kingdom


MPL Technology Group is a Global leader in the development, production and integration of advanced Software and Hardware solutions to support the availability, agility and efficient operations of IT infrastructures and mission-critical environments worldwide.

As a pioneer in the development of in-rack and in-line power devices since 2004, we have enabled major global corporations to monitor power consumption on their most critical and costly IT infrastructure. With a strong presence in the financial sector where the portfolio of IT equipment is arguably at its most expansive, we have been able to design and customize solutions in abundance allowing for strong business growth. We have in excess of 60,000 devices installed across 22 countries world-wide, and this coverage has enabled the business to build solid partnerships with both customers and their associated partners on a local level.

During the last 3 years, MPL has used all of its experience in the DCIM arena to develop a software platform that combines simplicity with flexibility in the way different modules of the product can be purchased to suit the needs as a client progresses through its data centre management lifecycle. NGEN has been designed as a multi-user, mobile compatible, secure role based Monitoring Software platform which combines simplicity and modularity to allow clients to only work with what they require, allowing for a more organic migration into different modules of a DCIM tool as the business requires. The 4 core modules of NGEN provide monitoring and control of POWER, AMBIENCE, ASSET MANAGEMENT and SECURITY.”