MooseFS is a breakthrough concept in the Big Data storage industry. It allows us to combine data storage and data processing in a single unit using commodity hardware thereby providing an extremely high ROI. Through this innovative approach, we provide professional services and expert advisory for storage solutions as well as implementation and support for all your operations.

MooseFS which was introduced around 12 years ago as a spin-off of Gemius (a leading European company which measures internet in over 20 countries), has went on to become one of the most sought after Data storage software for companies worldwide. It is still being used to store huge amounts of data for Gemius core operations, where over 300 000 events are gathered and processed per second, for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Therefore, any solution we present to our customers has been tested in real-life work environment involving Big Data Analytics.

We have mastered it to perfection by combining considerable savings with enormous reliability and exceptional performance. Our focus is on delivering optimal solutions – which are widely recognized by organizations globally. As we wanted to share our great invention, we decided to release an open-source version – available for FREE to everyone. We also offer a Professional version and support for enterprises that need cutting-edge solutions at a reasonable price. Our customers no longer have to choose between investing money and a reliable storage space for their business.