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HaKadar St. 12,

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Magnor Electronic Pest- Control LTD is the leading pest control company in Israel, specializing in electronic-green pest control. This kind of pest control is effective against a wide variety of pests and insects, keeping the green-ecologic guidelines by not using dangerous pesticides. Pesticides are well known for being toxic; Magnor provides the most advanced services in Israel, based on an international pest control technology which was proven more efficient, safe and economical than any other pest or rodent control.

Electronic Pest- Control is the greenest, most advanced method for keeping a pest-free zone without harming the environment or the well-being of humans and pets. In addition, and unlike the traditional methods that give short-term basis solutions only, the Electronic Pest-Rodent Control is used as long-term prevention as well as a quick solution for any pest-rodent invasion.