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LeanXcale is rooted in deep technical research into distributed systems and data management. The professors leading the Distributed Systems Lab (LSD) at TU Madrid (UPM) decided to discard all the research done for 15+ years of research and start from scratch to conceive and architect a radically different transactional manager that could scale without limits. It took more than nine months research  to produce the first version of the algorithm, but the results were beautiful and elegant, the perfect solution solving the biggest and most problematic bottleneck in databases for decades.

Then, the research team sought European R&D funding, got a series of grants, and a research prototype was produced in 2010 and further perfected in iterations through 2015. In 2010 a patent was filed on how to scale query processing and in 2011 another patent was filed to protect the invention on ultra-scalable transactional management. Both patents have been recently granted.