Juniper Networks


38 Threadneedle St

Tel.: +44-2038103904


Juniper Networks is the industry leader in network innovation.

Our customers don’t set out to build networks. They build on ideas that reinvent, reimagine, and improve the world around them. It makes sense that we should begin there, too.

Through our passion for creating high-performing networks, Juniper extends knowledge, collaboration, and human advancement in industries around the world—such as energy, healthcare, education, and many others.

While our innovative product and services portfolio evolves continuously, we need to reach farther to secure our customers’ long-term success. We’re looking beyond the horizons of today’s business challenges, and the technology future we see is built on real-time service integration. That means everything we develop must align with our vision.

Our customers’ innovations and groundbreaking solutions are everywhere. Look closely when you see them, and you’ll discover the power of Juniper at every turn.

We build more than networks. We help our customers build the amazing.


Scott Sneddon

Senior Director, Cloud and SDN (Global Solutions and Business Transformation)

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