JAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG

Data Centre

Hirschgaesslein 11
CH-4051 Basel

email: [email protected]
headquarters: +41 (0)61 560 91 00
fax: +41 (0)61 560 91 01


JAEGGI Hybridtechnologie AG, with its headquarters in Basel, is a successful and long-established Swiss company. It is the inventor of the hybrid dry cooler as well as a technology and market leader in hybrid re-cooling and condensing.

Its operations cover engineering, production, sales and service for hybrid dry coolers and condensers. JAEGGI’s products are characterised by their excellent reliability, low energy and water consumption and low environmental impact.

The company is part of the Güntner Group, an established global manufacturer of components for refrigeration and air conditioning technology and industrial applications.