iQuest is an independent, global IT services and solutions provider. We leverage a successful combination of technology expertise and service maturity to drive long-term value for some of the largest businesses in the world.

Our 18 years’ experience enables us to both understand and anticipate the needs of our clients, and helps us address key challenges of emerging and established market segments.

We differentiate ourselves through a balance of excellent quality and user experience, an agile approach even in highly regulated environments, and an innovative spirit in all our specialised domains. Coupled with an entrepreneurial mind-set and a strong value system, these five attributes make us a professional and trustworthy partner.

As a lean and dynamic company, the reliability of our continuous service is defined by a swift decision-making process, a streamlined organisational structure, and clearly defined management roles. Our growing international presence ensures a close relationship to our clients and partners, and is proof of our lasting stability.

Our business framework is best expressed through what we call the five P’s. These fundamental elements encompass our delivery approach, company culture, and how we work together to achieve results. Together they make up our company DNA.[readmore]