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The voracious demand for application development, as the way to differentiate and gain commercial advantage has driven demand for a more agile computing environment. The meteoric rise of the public cloud appears to have satisfied this need, but not without its own challenges.

The two-tier go to market channel strategy typically adopted by vendors in the EMEA markets was designed around the sale and integration of hardware appliances. When everything is delivered as a service directly from the vendor the traditional value offered by the channel partners starts to drift into irrelevance, the challenge as always here is whether the channel partner can transform their business before this happens.

Inca identified this problem several years ago and was established in 2017 specifically to provide end user value over and above what is provided from the “as a Service” vendor. We acknowledge that this is a long business transformation and the necessity to continue to procure hardware, software, and services as separate component parts or managed services will continue for some while yet, however we believe it is unavoidable that these depreciating self-managed assets will have to co-exist with cloud services, with shared operations, management, security, and governance policies.

Inca benefits from a seasoned executive team that have a proven track record of exceling at all aspects of technology selection, product procurement, technical competence, and service delivery. Taking this combined experience and delivering our solutions through a cloud native organisation unencumbered by legacy financing and costs models enables us to remain completely impartial to our clients “as a Service” vendor selection.

You tell us the destination, we’ll show you how to get there.