Virtualize More.

You want to get more out of the cloud. We can help.

HyTrust was founded by veterans in the enterprise infrastructure and security space who recognized early on not only that virtualization and the cloud were going to dramatically transform the data center, but also that security would be a critical inhibitor to cloud adoption.

The mission behind HyTrust has always been to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data center failure and data breaches — especially in light of the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualized and cloud environments. Organizations can now confidently expand virtualization to mission critical applications and take full advantage of the cloud.

HyTrust has assembled a world-class team of company builders and innovators and has earned backing from the biggest players in the next-generation datacenter: Cisco, VMware, Intel, Fortinet, and In-Q-Tel, the funding arm of the US intelligence community.

HyTrust technology has been widely deployed by Global 2000 companies and top government agencies, with strong market presence in financial services, healthcare, and government verticals.

With its close location and ties to the Silicon Valley tech community, HyTrust has built a team of the best and brightest, who value honesty, transparency, diligence and most of all, delivering quality for our customers.