Hypergrid Europe


1 Adelaide House, Perth Trading Estate, Slough
Berkshire, SL1 4XX. UK


HyperGrid is IT Simplified For the Business. With enterprises increasingly relying on technology-based differentiation for success, IT must be fully empowered and elevated to focus on services delivery to support traditional and modern applications that deliver rapid innovation and accelerate time to market for the core business.

HyperGrid provides HyperCloud, a consumption-based, cloud service that delivers a highly simplified, multi-cloud IT environment for application that combines private cloud infrastructure fabric based industry-leading compute, storage, networking and virtualization technologies with governance-based DevOps management and orchestration, for applications on bare-metal, VMs and containers and on any cloud.

HyperCloud gives IT choice and flexibility to serve traditional and modern developer-centric application environment while preserving control and compliance. HyperCloud eliminates the need for IT to buy, integrate, optimize, maintain and refresh a myriad of technologies and multi-vendor point solutions, instead it immediately transforms IT as an enabler of business innovation, growth and long-term success. [readmore]