Ground Labs

Network Security Security


Suite 19, 2nd floor,
The Hyde Building, The Park,
Carrickmines, Dublin 18,
Telephone (UK):
+44 203 137 9898
Telephone (Ireland):
+353 1 903 9162


We are a data security software company dedicated to making sensitive data discovery products that help organisations prevent sensitive data loss.

Hackers are relentlessly forcing their way into networks worldwide. Focusing solely on fortifying your network’s perimeter defences still leaves you vulnerable to losing sensitive data, potentially costing your company millions.

Ground Labs’​ data discovery software helps you find the data that hackers want, and keep it away from them. Our software is used to perform sensitive data discovery and remediation on computer systems worldwide.

We are trusted by more than 2,500 companies globally including airlines, financial services merchants, retailers, insurers as well as the hospitality banking sectors. Our unique tools help ensure that your organisation is compliant with regulations including GDPR, PCI, PII & POPI. Our flagship product Enterprise Recon scans 200+ data types across a wide range of platforms, finding and securing sensitive data across your entire organisation.