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1 Salamanca St. London SE1 7HX UK


For a decade, Future Facilities has provided computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consultancy services to the world’s largest data center owner-operators and to the industry’s leading consultancies. We call our approach ‘predictive simulation’.
With global offices, our managed engineering services, and our engineering analysis and simulation software,are relied on to deliver unique insight into the current and future performance of our clients’ mission critical data centers.
Whether providing insight into availability, capacity and efficiency for an operator, or insight into risk and operational flexibility for a business leader, we’ve forged a reputation as the go-to guys for data center operators in enterprise, co-location and hyperscale sectors.
Today, our 6SigmaDCX engineering analysis and simulation suite is synonymous the world over with speed and reliability of results. And, since our comprehensive software interface redesign in 2014, our tools are now also the easiest to use [readmore]

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