Eurovent Certita Certification

Data Centre

48 – 50 rue de la victoire
75009 PARIS

Tel : (33) 1 75 44 71 71


Eurovent Certita Certification is a leading European Third-Party certification body, with over 20 years of experience, acting in the field of Indoor Climate – Ventilation & Air Quality – Process Cooling & Food Cold Chain

We certify product performances according to European and international standards, and our certification process includes yearly factory assessment audits, software audits, and third-party product testing.

Based on a voluntary scheme, our certification is open to all manufacturers as well as to distributors who can apply via our Brand Name scheme.

Our major certification brand ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’​ has become over the years a major European certification. Today over 67% of HVAC-R products sold in Europe hold this certification.

Whether in response to the rapid growth of hybrid systems involving multiple energy sources or technologies, or to new directives and regulations, Eurovent Certita Certification’s mission is to continuously adapt its programmes, methods, and protocols to meet the expectations of the market and its stakeholders.