300 Baker Avenue, suite 300,
Concord, MA 01742

UK tel.: +44-7771-682013


DBmaestro is a pioneer and a leading Automation and DevOps for database solution provider. Its flagship product enables Agile development and Continuous Integration and Delivery for the Database.

DBmaestro supports streamlining of development process management and enforcing change policy practices.

The solution empowers agile team collaboration while fostering regulatory compliance and governance.

With DBmaestro, organizations can facilitate DevOps for database by executing deployment automation, enhancing and reinforcing security as well as mitigating risk.

DBmaestro was founded by Yariv Tabac, CEO, and Yaniv Yehuda, CTO and addresses the market of DevOps with a disruptive technology for automating continuous delivery processes.

The company offices are located in Boston Massachusetts, US and in Tel Aviv, Israel.

DBmaestro’s solutions are deployed at many major international companies, including Barclays, Visa, Isracard (MasterCard), Frost Bank, Thomson Holidays, Sura, Bank Leumi, and others.

DBmaestro is a VC’s backed company and with well-known angels from the enterprise software world.