Cooling Data Centre Power

Uzeno House
7 Long Spring
St. Albans  AL3 6PE
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8991 6200

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Daxten has been delivering high-level innovative solutions and technology sets to the data centre industry for almost 30 years. With a huge resource of expertise and knowledge amongst its staff, Daxten provides clients with unparalleled access to and support for power, monitoring, and cooling solutions for their data centre challenges.

Daxten is in the forefront of promoting energy efficiency for all data centres. The company offers smart and comprehensive solutions and services to simplify installations, expansions and maintenance of the data centre infrastructure.  These include innovative lifters for servers and people saving costs and time whilst providing a safer data centre operating environment. These core specialities help Daxten’s clients improve their resource efficiency, reliability, security, and optimises the workflow within their data centre Whitespaces. With its product sets and value add services, Daxten thrives on keeping its valued customers up to date by sharing their knowledge and technical guidance.