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Codibly is a full-stack consulting and software development company with proven expertise in areas including fin-tech, energy, utilities, human resources, public, consulting, media and more. We’re located in the thriving city of Kraków with clients all around the world, and sales offices in London and New York.

We build technology that delivers results, helping companies with industries transformation. Codibly excels at building user-focused software that solves problems and adds value to the business.

For past 8 years, we have been working with clients mostly in the Energy & Utilities industry. Companies like PA Consulting Group, Southern California Edison, Engie France, Shell, UK Power Network and many more – were using solutions we have developed: SAAS Analytics platforms for energy reliability, demand respond platforms for both residential and commercial clients, as well as electric vehicles, operations management platforms – and many more.

Our proven track record gives us necessary insights about how to work with larger enterprises and how to communicate with them. We believe that our internal procedures, desire to meet high expectations and quality standards – especially in this field of expertise.

We maintain a laser-focus on developing and delivering on requirements with the most efficient technical solution possible.

Our development teams work according to a well-defined methodology which manages and control software and product development using iterative, incremental practices to significantly increase productivity and reduce time to benefit while facilitating adaptive, empirical systems development.