Cloud Containers Object Storage

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Cloudian is the innovation leader in limitlessly scalable enterprise storage systems. Enterprises and service providers deploy Cloudian storage appliances and software in their data centers to store and manage all types of unstructured data, including media, medical images, engineering files, backup data, and more.

Consolidate files and objects to a single, petabyte-scalable system. Cloudian makes it easy to get started. Start small with the cluster size that fits your needs and expand on demand. In Cloudian’s modular, shared-nothing architecture, every node is identical. Start with three appliances or with software only. Grow from a few nodes to a few hundred without disruption. Performance scales linearly, too.

For object data, Cloudian provides the industry’s most compatible, most proven S3 API. For Window/Linux files, Cloudian offers enterprise NAS features including WORM, snapshots, and high-availability. All in an infinitely scalable platform that saves time and saves cost.

Integrate with the cloud, too. Cloudian integrates cloud storage management, so you can manage data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers from a single screen. Leverage Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clouds and access all of them with just one API. Replicate data to the cloud for DR, or use the cloud for capacity expansion, all from one management screen using integrated tools.