Chain Of Things


3/F, Bonham  Centre
79 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong


CoT was formed by a group of technologists at the nexus of IoT hardware manufacturing and alternative blockchain applications. At the base of the chaotic IoT supply chain and manufacturing stack, we saw a clear threat to the future stability of IoT. Chain of Things is set up to explore all security applications within blockchain IoT and look at the development of open-standards for the industry to use. Additionally, our strategy is to organize global events involving industry participants and case studies to test the existing technology and explore practical applications within various verticals.

Our core competencies range from sensors, end to end manufacturing, communication protocols, and data analytics, to blockchain, open protocol hackathons, crypto law, global macroeconomics, and design. We launched some of the first Blockchain hackathons in the world and have produced a large number of globally deployed industrial & environmental IoT sensors. [readmore]


Hans Lombardo