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We’re one of Europe’s largest stockists of new and refurbished IT hardware and have been supplying bespoke solutions to SMEs and corporations across the world for over 15 years. Until recently, our group of companies had all operated under a single name: LA Micro Group UK. But, with each division enjoying continued growth it became clear that each company needed its own dedicated brand. So… Welcome to Bytestock, the B2B ecommerce arm of LA Micro Group UK! We specialise in the sourcing and supply of the highest quality refurbished IT hardware. Not only is refurbished hardware just as powerful and reliable as when new, with the only noticeable difference often being cosmetic, it’s a vastly more affordable and environmentally responsible solution. We’re not interested in selling the latest, greatest, most expensive IT hardware to our customers (unless it really is exactly what they need!), instead recognising that delivering real value will lead to happy customers and continued success for us.