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Billigence is a business intelligence consultancy and contingent labour service company with a growing customer base of large corporations across different industries as well as young and agile internet-based businesses.

As a company we source and hire innovative data enthusiasts, we believe data is the most powerful asset of today’s businesses. That is why at Billigence, we are helping our clients to drive the business value of their data. We do this through our data proposition comprising of data consolidation and enrichment, data visualisation and analytics, and data governance components.

We deliver market-leading recruitment services for temporary and contract labour hires to supplement our clients’ workforces. Our vision is to become leaders in helping companies to transform into the digital age and reach their full potential by leveraging the power of their data.

Billigence also leverages partnerships with some of the world’s most innovative data companies such as Alteryx, Tableau, Snowflake, Salesforce, Matillion, Collibra, Google Cloud Platform, Keboola, LibertyAces, UD4D & others.