Data Centre

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Gloucestershire, GL7 5HY. United Kingdom


Many companies struggle to keep their documentation up to date because the IT environment will change on a daily basis. AssetGen’s software was designed to solve these challenges, providing users with both logical and physical views of their infrastructure. Our Connect system combines hardware inventory with positioning and connectivity so any hardware component can be found instantly. Where as our SysMap product helps users to understand the logical aspects by linking their IT components to the business’ services. So if a company is experiencing downtime issues, the root of the problem can be indicated and diagnosed quickly.

Our software is available and sold all over the world due to our unique capability of linking the AssetGen software to Microsoft’s Visio product. AssetGen’s database generates automated Visio diagrams from the collected or existing data to provide network, rack, service map, server impact diagrams and much more. Useful for engineers and IT managers who need to gain an understanding of their environment.