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Big Data

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All Agile Data Warehouse Solutions does is help companies to turn data into BIG Impact Results and we empower companies to save more than 90% of time and effort maintaining these solutions.

EXPERIENCE: Our team is working with Database Systems for more than 25 years, both solving problems in effective but unconventional ways as well as training clients to master their data. We also developed HALO Source, an award winning data integration tool.

WHAT WE DO: We help our client to find unexpected ways to utilize their data, implement agile, easy to use solutions and help our clients to maintain their solutions with least effort by themselves.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT:: Requirements are changing all the time. We build solutions that are easy to maintain and change to empower you to get new insights all the time. Over the last 20 years we also solved many data related challenges considered impossible by competition and clients. Our team did invent the tools that makes us so effective. You won’t get as close to the source of the used technologies with anyone else.

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES: We won’t bill you for software unless the solutions Is productive. Working with us minimizes your risk and gives you fast results.