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We believe that technology can change our world for the better. Our goal is to make our economy more sustainable, conserve scarce resources, especially energy, and make a wide range of industrial processes more efficient. The world is more connected than ever and Actility is a pioneer of the internet of things. We make it easy and affordable to connect billions of objects. Customers all around the world, in Europe, China, Australia, Japan and the US are using ThingPark, our carrier-grade solution, to manage their IoT networks. Our partners and investors include communication leaders like Orange, KPN, Swisscom, and Inmarsat, and technology giants like Cisco, Foxconn and Softbank.

We helped to create and grow a key technology for IoT called LoRaWAN, an open radio standard for connecting sensors and devices over a long range, with very long battery life. We’re also working on the next generation of cellular technology, optimised for connecting things to the internet.

At Actility we don’t just connect sensors with wireless networks, though. We connect applications with the data they need, and we connect people and companies with business opportunities. We’ve created our ThingPark approved programme for companies that make IoT sensors and devices to make sure that their products can connect reliably to any network powered by ThingPark. And we’ve built a global marketplace to make it easy for companies to work together to do business in this connected world.

Actility is uniquely placed to realise the synergies between technology and business. As a result, we are growing rapidly from a company founded on a vision of a better, more sustainable world, to a global player at the heart of an ever-growing network of partners and customers, all using our technology, our knowledge and our business innovation to help that vision become a reality.[readmore]