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eCommerce Expo 2019: The Changing World of eCommerce With Neel Arora

EMENA’s Neel Arora talks to John Bensalhia about the changing world of modern eCommerce, and how businesses must also take on changes when it comes to embracing its benefits 

At the beginning of her career, Neel Arora looked destined for a lifetime in mechanical engineering. Having trained in the sector, Neel joined British Steel as an engineer. From there, he switched the factory floor for head office category management with a new role at PepsiCo. But eight years ago, Neel began working in a new field, one which quickly became a passion.

ad:tech 2019: Guinness — Looking back to look forward

That’s a question that will be discussed at this year’s Technology For Marketing event in Olympia, London. Addressing this session will be Niall McKee, head of Guinness Stout Europe, Diageo.

“We will be talking about what has enabled Guinness as a brand to live for the last 260 years and why we believe it is just the start of the journey.’’

eCommerce Expo 2019: How musicMagpie evolved, adapted and flourished John Bensalhia talks to Steve Oliver, CEO of musicMagpie, about the consumer reseller’s impressive evolution Once upon a time, musicMagpie was the place to take your used CDs, DVDs and games in return for cash. Nowadays, its main business is mobile phone recycling, a rapid transformation that has seen the company become one of the... Read More

eCommerce Expo 2019: Why Customers Have Never Been More Powerful Chico's CMO Shelagh Stoneham breaks down current retail marketing trends to John Bensalhia “Technology is not a retailers' silver bullet – but leveraged appropriately, can be the difference between brand relevancy and demise.” Careful and considered use of technology is what Shelagh Stoneham, Chico's Chief Marketing Officer, will be discussing at eCommerce Expo 2019. As... Read More

TFM 2019: Marketing, Media and Milestones John Bensalhia talks to Delightful Communications founder Mel Carson about the key marketing trends of 2019 and his company's guiding principles Social media and personal branding strategist Mel Carson is about to mark an important career milestone. Next year, Mel will be celebrating 20 years in digital marketing, and having founded modern marketing, branding and... Read More

TFM 2019: Mad Men vs. Math Men “The future is about being imaginative, not about being right”. John Bensalhia talks to entrepreneur and TFM keynote speaker Igor Beuker about why technology and innovation has transformed advertising and marketing forever March 1973. A hugely popular TV show starring Lee Majors makes its debut. The Six Million Dollar Man was watched by millions around... Read More

Reviewing ransomware with Frank Satterwhite ahead of Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Ahead of his appearance at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2019, Frank Satterwhite discusses the latest ransomware developments with John Bensalhia Easy money. That's a key driver for global ransomware attacks on businesses. It's one of the components of Frank Satterwhite's forthcoming talk at this year's Cloud and Cyber Security Expo. Frank (Consultant, 1600 Cyber... Read More

Addressing blockchain’s gender problem John Bensalhia talks to Bloomwater Capital's founding partner & head of investor relations Veronica Mihai about gender and diversity inclusion in the blockchain space Veronica Mihai's interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrency (more specifically, Bitcoin) began about four years ago when she read Satoshi’s infamous whitepaper. “I liked the concept and the idealistic approach to managing... Read More

Reusing waste energy is the data centre’s hot topic John Bensalhia finds out about the data centre's innovative plan for sustainability from Green IT Amsterdam project manager Vasiliki Georgiadou As the world revolves around us, sustainability is an important watchword in maintaining a healthy, cleaner lifestyle. What we eat, what we drive, what we wear... and perhaps most crucially now, how technology - and... Read More

Anne Hoyer on tech’s untold job opportunities A job in technology could well be within your reach, as CGI Business Consulting's Anne Hoyer explains to John Bensalhia If you're looking to apply for a job in the world of tech, it's good news. The sector is singularly hungry for new talent. With the constantly evolving field of technology, new innovations, requirements, and... Read More

Tapoly is making insurance agile Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO and founder of Tapoly, talks with John Bensalhia about the insurtech and the background to her desperately needed on-demand insurance platform “It is hard to ignore or not take any interest in technology. It is the greatest recent phenomenon that has transformed and continues to transform pretty much every industry.” So says... Read More

Ivana Bartoletti is on a mission to protect data privacy Technology connects us to digital services that empower us and that remove friction our daily lives. But do you know where your data resides and where it has been circulated? John Bensalhia talks data privacy with Ivana Bartoletti, head of Gemserv's privacy and data protection practice Data privacy continues to raise a number of challenges... Read More

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