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Michael Mudd

Michael (Mike) Mudd is the founder and Managing Partner of Asia Policy Partners LLC (APP), a strategy and policy advisory firm providing thought leadership on change/transformation through IT governance,cyber security, privacy, Cloud computing, compliance and technology standards. Prior to this he held senior positions with Riverbed Technology and Standard Chartered Bank, joining the bank from… Read More

The technology enabling the universal delivery of financial services The FSI sector; banks, insurance companies and securities market makers are being profoundly affected by what is now seamless machine to machine communication. Michael Mudd, managing partner at Asia Policy Partners LLC examines how the financial services sector may become more robust and how regulators may approach these fundamental changes today, tomorrow and in the... Read More

What government agencies tell us about cloud security

In 2013, following what became known as the Snowden Revelations, a survey carried out by the Cloud Security Alliance, a trade body, revealed that some 10% of non-U.S. businesses cancelled plans to use US – based cloud computing service providers.   This result shows a minority were ill-informed of; How the Internet works, What the… Read More

Why government IT contract terms need to open up to smaller companies

Michael Mudd, managing partner at Asia Policy Partners, discusses the need for change in the way government IT contract terms are operated, particularly in a way that means smaller companies are able to compete. First, some general points on government contracts: Government and industry should aim for “win/win” contracts: a major problem at present is… Read More

How Africa is working to harmonise data privacy

Michael Mudd, managing partner at Asia Policy Partners, discusses his research into the changing attitudes to cybersecurity and privacy in Africa… I recently travelled to Africa for a Microsoft sponsored public sector cloud event. It was clear that the efficiency and scale enabled by cloud technologies are having a huge impact in lowering public sector IT… Read More

Gone Phishing

When I was younger I used to like to dangle a rod and line in a river hoping to catch a small fish on a hook with a worm attached as bait. Today I fish off a friend’s trawler yacht in Hong Kong with an expensive rod and highly specialised lures for different kinds of… Read More

White paper: Security is not the real issue – it’s data classification

As large enterprises and government agencies increasingly take to the cloud, it is critical that they work to comply with security and privacy standards by applying data classification policies. To protect themselves against compromise, loss or misuse of data, businesses need to adopt an effective classification framework which provides a reference to the appropriate level… Read More

White paper: How Cloud will drive healthcare results in Asia

As a string of U.S. hospitals and health services reel from targeted cyberattacks this week, a new Open Computing Alliance (OCA) paper argues that new technologies and the rapid adoption of cloud strategies will work to enable more efficient security and privacy practices in the strictly regulated healthcare arena. Lead author and OCA Asia Policy adviser… Read More

ISO27018:2014: Information technology — Security techniques

*An introduction to ISO27018 can be found in a previous post here The International Standards Organisation (ISO) indicate that globally there are more than 18,000 companies that have achieved the ISO27001 certificate in Information Security Management. On July 30th 2014 an additional voluntary standard within the 27000 series, ISO/IEC 27018 was adopted specifically governing the… Read More

Asian manufacturers continue to be in the sights of US anti-software piracy efforts

Asia today is the workshop of the world. Thanks to a plentiful supply of cheap labour, Asian factories are now building much of the world’s products, from textiles to furniture and consumer electronics. Many manufacturing jobs have largely left developed countries in the west for greener and cheaper pastures in the east. Outsourcing is no… Read More

ISO/IEC 27018 : The First International Privacy Standard for the Cloud

*You can download a free white paper detailing ISO27018 here The Internet has become pervasive in nearly every society over the past 20 years. This explosion has given considerable benefits; from almost free communication, via email, Instant Messaging (IM) and VoIP, to enabling online commerce for the biggest (think internet banking) to the smallest of… Read More